I’ve been drawing and writing stories since I was 4 years old.  My Dad was a Military Policeman and would bring home comics from the Police Station… reading my first one– wow I was blown away.  Then a SCI FI movie called “The Black Hole” came out and I began to write and draw my very own Black Hole adventure with Vincent and Old Bob, I was hooked for life.

I developed my artistic style by emulating my art heroes.   Artists like John Buscema, Michael Golden, Jack Kirby, Joe Madureira, Jason Pearson, J Scott Campbell and Arthur Adams were so inspirational to me in my development into the artist I am today.  And like many other inspired artists, I would stand in the long Portfolio Review Lines of SDCC in hopes of getting that very first comic artist job.

I remember waiting in line for 4-6 hours just to have my 10 minutes to get my work critiqued–in hopes of landing my first comics gig.  It was a testament of how passionate I am about my art…then getting ripped to shreds during the critique and taking what I learned to get better and better.

Working in comics in the 90s was rough, I did a lot of  free independent comics work to get noticed and I got my foot officially in the door of comics as a Marketing Director for MV Creations.  We did all of the Masters of the Universe Comics.  I was helping to build out the brand as well as the company, doing press releases, merchandise, securing talent for books, reaching out to new creators, helping pitch stories, and doing a lot of illustrations.

But I wanted to do more and the Comics boom was coming to an end and sales started plunging.  So I set my sights on working in comics not as a Marketing Director, but as an artist…full-time in spite of a very shrinking and uncertain Comics Market.

So I put together some Spider-man samples then sent them to Joe Quesada and CB Cebulski.  Before I knew it, I landed my first  professional  work drawing Marvel Age Spiderman. To this day, I thank God and I am very grateful and fortunate that Marvel trusted me and gave me a chance to work on a major brand right out of the gate and create experiences for Spider-man fans around the world.  And I never stopped since.

For the past 20 years (well 25 if you count all my independent work) I have been trusted to maintain and build out Brands through Visual Story and Design.  For the greater part of it, it’s been in the form of Comic Book Illustration and Character Design for Videogames and Animation.

I want to continue to set the quality bar higher and here and wherever my art leads me — I want to create some of the most amazing art you have ever seen.

Artist’s Statement

I’ve been telling stories through art for as long as I can remember, from custom Black Hole comics as a four-year-old, to my later work in entertainment, comics, video games and toys, developing brands through the use of visual stories and design.

I want people to see my work and feel something. I want to give them an experience. I want to invoke an emotional response, a feeling of inspiration, of excitement. I want to give them the same sense of wonder I had when I picked up my first comic book those many years ago as that four-year-old kid.

I want people to understand how much my art means to me and how passionate I am about sharing what I create.

I like pushing the envelope when it comes to creating art. I want to continue to evolve as an artist and I want my work to reflect that.

To everyone who shares my same sentiment, I say to you, ”Things worth having are things worth doing.”

If art is your passion, fight for it. Don’t follow the fame. Do it because you love it and you have something you want to share or say. Remember, creating art is not a sprint; it’s a marathon – one you must run at your own pace.

Persevere and challenge yourself to evolve, to do better and to be prepared to leave your comfort zone.

Never forget… it’s about the art you create. It’s about doing something good, something you’re proud of. It’s not about, look at me I have a million dollars or a million fans.

Stay true to yourself and to your vision. Never forget the wonder of art that takes you to places and spaces in time where anything is possible. Above all else, keep moving forward. Keep evolving. Keep doing what you love.


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