Venom 29 Cover “B” or “C” CGC SS Remark/Sketch with Signature 9.6 ++


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Jonboy Meyers Venom 29 Secret Cover “B” or “C” SS CGC Yellow Label Signature and Remark.

Strictly Limited to 10 only. And I’ll be emailing each person to see what issue either B or C they want their remark on.

Remarks will be of VREX, Agent Venom, Venom, Knull and Scorpion Symbiote, so two each, orders will be filled randomly but you may request which remark you would like–first bought gets first character pick.

Sketches/Remarks are generally large and take up 1/4 to 2/3 of the cover space so you will be getting a work of original art not just a simple remark.

Books will be sent to CGC to be pressed and slabbed and what grades come back are the grades that will be sold. 95% of All remarks done and pressed come back as 9.8.

Preorders will ship apex 1 week after arrival date of 12/16/2020 per CGC delivery and grading.

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