CGC Submission for Yellow Label Signature Series


Any raw books sold on the site are available to be submitted on your behalf to CGC Comics for Grading. (Current Slabs are not included).

This is good for one item on an order.  If you would would like multiple books submitted to CGC, each item will need its own CGC Submission order for Yellow Label Signature Series.

Please Indicate in the "Notes" Section which book you are submitting to CGC on your order form.

In order to full fill CGC Orders, Please fill this link out so your book is on file with CGC and please email us a copy back that will be included with Jonboy's Artist CGC Paperwork to ensure you get a Yellow Label and not a Green One.

A PDF or Jpeg can be sent to

You MUST send us a copy of your form in order to get CGC within 72 hours of your orders, failure to do will result in the cancellation of your order and a refund for the CGC Purchase and the Book you would like to be submitted.

Orders will be sent to CGC and a tracking number will be sent to you.  Please keep in mind once CGC receives your order to their warehouse, it can take up to 2-3 weeks before they are able to move books into the grading Que.  We have no control over timelines or turnarounds.

Costs include, Artist Signature fee $25 , Artist Paperwork/Administrative fee and pairing it with Submitters CGC paperwork with order to be included with books.  This does not cover slabbing or grading fees from CGC, only the Artist fee and Artist Paperwork.

Disclaimer: *Please note that you must have your own CGC account, a friend or 3rd Party will not be accepted and your order will be cancelled.*