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I’ve been telling stories through art for as long as I can remember, from custom Black Hole comics as a four-year-old, to my later work in entertainment, comics, video, games and toys, developing brands though the use of visual story and design.

I want people to see my work and feel something. I want to give them an experience. I want to invoke an emotional response, a feeling of inspiration, of excitement. I want to give them the same sense of wonder I had when I picked up my first comic book those many years ago as that four-year-old kid.

I remember waiting in line for 4-6 hours just to have my 10 minutes to get my work critiqued–in hopes of landing my first comics gig.  It was a testament of how passionate I am about my art…then getting ripped to shreds during the critique and taking what I learned to get better and better.

Working in comics in the 90s was rough, I did a lot of  free independent comics work to get noticed and I got my foot officially in the door of comics as a Marketing Director… Read more


The Inhumans, Teen Titans, Spawn, G.I. Joe, Black Dynamite, Thor, Generator Rex (animation), Supergirl, Huntress, She Hulk, Hulk, Spider-Man, Arana, Gen 13, Ninja Scroll, Danger Girl, Justice League of America, X-Men (comic books), League of Legends, Motor Storm Apocalypse (video games), World of Warcraft TCG (illustration), Marvel Heroes MMO (Gazillion Entertainment).

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