Jonboy Meyers is an Illustrator, Cover Artist, Concept Designer, World Builder, Sequential Artist, and Creator of Toys, Animation, Video Games, Comic Books, and Film.

Some of his past projects are Marvel Snap for Second Dinner, Hearthstone for Activision Blizzard, League of Legends for Riot Games, Masters of the Universe and Max Steel for Mattel Toys, Star Wars Concept/Ideation for Hasbro Toys, Spawn Comics for Image Comics/Todd McFarlane, Teen Titans for DC Comics and Inhumans with Marvel Comics.

His cover credits include covers for Venom, Spider-man, Batman, NightWing, Superman, Deathstroke, BRZRKR, The Flash, and The Hulk, among others.

Photo 1 of Jonboy with fingers to temple
Photo 1 of Jonboy grunt face
Photo 3 of Jonboy thinking with hand on chin

Artist Statement

I’ve been telling stories through art for as long as I can remember, from custom Black Hole comics as a four-year-old to my later work in entertainment, comics, video games, and toys, developing brands through visual stories and design.

Creating art is about Expression and creating a reaction. I want people to see my work and feel something. I want to give them an experience. I want to invoke an emotional response of inspiration and excitement. I want to give them the same sense of wonder I had when I picked up my first comic book those many years ago as that four-year-old kid.

I want people to understand how much my art means to me and how passionate I am about sharing what I create.

I like pushing the envelope when it comes to creating art. I want to continue evolving as an artist and for my work to reflect that. To everyone who shares this sentiment, I say to you, ”Things worth having are things worth doing.”

If art is your passion, fight for it. Don’t follow the fame. Do it because you love it and you have something you want to share or say. Remember, creating art is not a sprint; it’s a marathon – you must run at your own pace.

Persevere and challenge yourself to evolve, do better, and be prepared to leave your comfort zone.

Never forget… it’s about the art you create. It’s about doing something good, something you’re proud of. It’s not about, look at me, I have a million dollars or a million fans. Art and life are not about clicks or likes, and it’s not about followers or comments.

Stay true to yourself and to your vision. Never forget the wonder of art that takes you to places and spaces in time where anything is possible. Above all else, keep moving forward. Keep evolving. Keep doing what you love.